People think that only with fairness cream they can treat their skin, but it’s wrong because now you can nourish your skin from your own kitchen and can also get fairness. Check out how:


Fair complexion

You must have used papaya in the facial scrubs because it is enriched with the best qualities that our skin needs, you can eat papaya and have the same benefits as well. Papaya is known to be the best agent for treating dry and dull skin. Papaya contains vitamin C and A which helps in brightening and tightening of the skin. You just need to mash it and add a small quantity of lemon with honey in it to get the fairness.



Beets have a very strong connection with the lymphatic system as it helps in removing the waste from our cells and turn our dull skin into shiny and bright. It can also improve the oxygen in our body and also helps in reducing the wrinkles. Just squeeze the beetroot and orange as well to apply this great combination for getting fairness.




Black Sesame seeds:

fair skin

Black sesame seeds have a lot of benefits, but the best of all is that it helps in restoring the radiance and the elasticity of the skin. You must add it to every meal you take because it is enriched with potassium, amino acid and oleic acid as well. It has no side effects you can add it to any of your meals and no quantity of it would be harmful. For nourishing the skin, just add honey, yogurt in the sesame seeds which are ground. Add a few drops of milk as well to make a paste, apply it and get the benefit if you have oily skin.



Red Cabbage:

wrinkles-free skinRed cabbage contains anthocyanins, which is best for reducing wrinkles and it has many other benefits for the skin as it nourishes the skin. Red cabbage should be preferred over green cabbage as it has more amount of vitamin C in it and it also clears all sorts of toxins from the body.


Nourished hair

It also assists in getting rid of hair loss and it can be applied by mixing in the hair mask.