Beauty is something more than fair complexion or tall height, fair complexion doesn’t matter if you have pimples. There are many people who think that beauty is something you can put up, but that’s actually not true as there are thousands of the people in the world who absorb hundreds of the chemicals on their face, sprays and scrubs. If your skin looks more like a leather made of makeup products; then sorry to say, but you don’t look attractive and this is the main reason why people should prefer natural cosmetics. To know the secret of why to prefer natural cosmetics, read this:



There are many skin benefits of Turmeric; you can mix turmeric with a lot of things for having the best results for fair complexion. You can mix lemon, turmeric and ginger and apply on the skin; you can not only apply but eat these things in your regular diet as well.  Turmeric protects the skin from sun damage and reduces chances of having skin cancer.


Feet complexion

Lemon is the best natural cosmetic that can make you feel beautiful within some seconds; it is the best skin cleanser without any chemical as well. You can make your own skin scrub using lemon and pepper, this works best on the feet. Mix lemon with pepper, rub on the feet and get the best results.  You can make mask with lemon and honey, this is the best remedy for removing blackheads from the skin.

Aloe Vera:

hair solution

Aloe Vera has countless benefits for the skin and it cures many diseases as well, it can apply and can also eaten.  It can be used as a makeup remover and it is also best for use on hair as a conditioner.