No matter what is your skin complexion if you have to cope with the pimples on the face every now and then because even when the complexion is fair, an individual looks ugly with pimples. Every person loves looking great and ladies are beauty-conscious ; but when it comes to the pimples, an individual cannot rely on the creams available in the market because it contains harmful chemicals. The chemicals not only make the condition severe in some cases; but also leave scars on the face, so it is better to avoid using them.

Here are some great tips that will surely assist you in getting rid of the pimples:

Use egg whites for cure as well as scar removal:

Clear cheek

It is not just an inexpensive method of getting rid of pimples, but also a cure for the scars for which you don’t need to run to the market whenever a pimple pops out. You just require 3 egg whites, which are mostly available at home. Whip them until it becomes just like foam, then apply it on the problem area. Apply and leave it for fifteen minutes, wash after the mixture gets dry, you will surely get outstanding result that will enhance the beauty of the individuals who are fed up of pimples.

Make a combination of cucumber and lemon juice:

Cucumber lemon

If you are worried about the redness on the face due to the pimples, take a cucumber and grind it. Add a few drops of lemon juice and apply to the problem area for just 5 to 7 minutes and it will not only help in getting rid of the pimple, but also decreases the redness.

Mix garlic and water for instant relief:

Clear nose

Take garlic and grind it; mix a few drops of water in it which will make it easy for applying, there is no need to worry if your skin is sensitive because it suits every skin type.

Just orange, its peels and juice are both useful:

Clear chin 1

You can rub the peels on the pimples, but if you don’t like it, then you can go for applying the orange juice to the problem area which needs to be applied for at least 40 minutes.

Mix cinnamon and honey for relieving pain:

Pimple free eyes

It is a great tip for those who often feel pain in the area with pimple; the mixture contains pain relieving properties due to which it is listed in the most effective ways to get rid of the pimples. You just need 1 tablespoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon which is enough for the pimples, but this mixture is required to be left on the problem area for the whole night.