When it comes to the beauty, the hands cannot be ignored as they are a part of the body which is noticed the most. Besides keeping them clean and shaped, it is necessary to paint them suiting the season, dress and occasion. The overall look seems dull if the hands are left untouched and without attractive nail art. Given below are a few appealing nail art ideas to make your tips noticed and praiseworthy:

Nail Art with butterfly:


Butterfly looks attractive as it is full of colors, don’t ignore try making it on nails as it makes the nails appealing and praiseworthy if the selection of the colors of nail polish is perfect.

Nail Art with tiger print:


Tiger print is something that is loved by many because it not only looks great on T-shirts and handbags, but also when printed on nails as the print is attention-catching and grabs the attention of the people present around.

Nail Art with dots:


Dots not only look great in the dress design, but also give a perfect and attractive look in nail art. Try making dots of funky colors or the sober ones to add to the beauty of the hands.

Nail Art with pearls:


Not on the nail paint can be used for enhancing the beauty of the hands, pearls can also be added of the contrast color and the same color as the nail color can also be pasted for an outstanding look.

Nail Art with mixed colors:


It is not necessary to apply the nail paint of a single color on full nail or on half with the nail color of different color on the remaining half, try the nail art with mixed colors as it looks superb.

Nail Art for teenagers:


Teenagers mostly don’t like painting their nails with a single color, there are many designs which can be made on the nails that give the childish look.

Nail Art with light and dark nail paints:


The simple combination of light and dark shades of nail color makes the hands look beautiful when the nail paints are chosen with care as some color contrasts are attention-catching while others leave the beauty of the hands ruined.


You can also go for just dark or just light colors if you don’t like the combination of both.