Do you love shiny skin? Do you want healthier skin without acne? It’s obvious that every person wants to look beautiful for which the skin needs to be healthy and shiny, but most of the people are unaware of the fact that the eatables we consume affect our skin which in turn affects our appearance. There are some eatables which, if avoided and some others if consumed can give great results in making skin healthier:

Dos for getting healthier skin:


The fruits rich in Vitamin C are great for getting the healthier skin, there are many fruits that strengthen the skin and also assist in solving the acne problem from which one is papaya and the other is kiwi fruit.



Vegetables which contain Vitamin C in large amount works well in healing the acne scars, these are also great in improving the acne issue. You can add sweet potatoes in your daily diet for the getting rid of the acne; you can also make a salad of broccoli and bell peppers to get the required nutrients.


Orange colored Fruits and Vegetables

These contain Vitamin A which is great for the skin; it is a perfect solution for those who suffer from acne as these help in drying the oil which in turn solves the acne issue.



It is proven that ginger is great for the skin and it is used in the remedies for improving the skin complexion, it keeps the skin healthy and you can also drink ginger tea for great results.


Omega-3 fatty acids:

A person should add the eatables in daily meal schedule which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish and sardines are said as the best sources for getting the Omega-3 fatty acids, so the individuals who like to eat the seafood should include these eatables in their daily meal.



Don’ts for getting healthier skin:

Spicy food:

Eating food that contains a lot of spices is not healthy for the skin as it increases the temperate of human body and affects the skin negatively.

See the difference in the complexion and the appearance before and after stop consuming spicy food.


Junk food:

Most of the junk food available in the market contains too much oil which is not good for skin and health in any sense, so if a person requires avoiding it for getting healthy skin and solving the issue of acne.

You can see the change in the image of before and after avoiding the junk food. You can clearly see the difference in the skin appearance.