Makeup enhances the beauty and the cosmetics makes the girls look attractive, but the art of makeup is difficult to learn. It is not just taking the cosmetics in hand and applying in any direction or how a girl likes, there are some mistakes that ruin the overall look of the face instead of making it attention-grabbing. Given below are the mistakes that should be avoided for looking stunning:

Applying Blush on:

It is observed that the girls just take the brush and apply the blush on in any direction which is the worst thing to do with the face as every girl have different face cuts for which there are different techniques of applying blush on. The most common mistake girls do is brushing down the blush on which needs to be avoided.


The right method of applying the blush on is to suck in the cheeks by making a pout, applying the blush on by brushing up.


Applying lip liner:

Applying just lip liner without any shade in the center makes the face look unattractive; overdoing lip liner is also old-fashioned.


For those ladies, who love to use lip liner here is a great technique with which they can look great. They can apply the lipstick in the center, but the shade of the lip liner and the lipstick should be same as it never creates a line between them and gives a smooth look.


 Applying Mascara:

Sometimes, girls are seen with the spidery lashes that are messed up. They don’t look nice and the brush should be checked to solve the issue. For applying correctly and avoiding the lashes to mess up, take the mascara brush and wiggle it from the roots of the eyelashes to the tip.


You can see the great look after applying mascara with the right technique here.