There are many studies through which it is proved that some of the foods can irritate the skin and make acne worse, avoid these foods for a week and you can see what differences only these foods can make.

Cow’s milk:


There is a deep link between skin irritation, acne and cow’s milk as it increases blood sugar which leads to pimples. It can make skin; oily and increase inflammation as well, so those who are allergic to the dairy products should avoid consuming it.



Sugar is also in the queue, but it does not mean that if you eat cookies or biscuits you are going to have pimples. It is related to how much calories you are eating in a day that affect the body causes irritation.

Fast food:


Fast food causes pimples for the same reason as same like cow’s milk; fast food also causes hormonal fluctuations. If you want to clear your skin, fast food is on the top of the list to avoid. Greasy or oily foods, creates inflammation inside the body which also leads one to asthma and other diseases as well.

Gluten and Grains:


If you are struggling with acne in your life, then avoid gluten and grains, gluten makes the protein enter into your blood stream which causes inflammation. Try avoiding them some weeks and you will see your acne recovering.