No matter how much you look after your face and hair; if you don’t pay attention to the hands and nails, you can never look pretty as every part of the body matters in making a person look attractive. So, here is the method of Marble Nail Art to make your hands look beautiful.

For the Marble Nail Art, following things are required:

  • A small bowl of water
  • Nail Polish of light color (Any color for the base)
  • Nail polishes of 3 or 4 different colors
  • A transparent nail polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • A stick
  • Liquid peel off tape

So, arrange all the products prior to starting.


First of all, paint your nails with the nail polish of light color and let it dry. Don’t continue while the nail polish is still wet, it will ruin the Marble Nail Art.


Cover the sides of your nails with the liquid peel off tape, to prevent the nail polish touching the skin around the nail.


Take the bowl of water and pour a drop of every nail polish one by one in it which you want to add in your marble art. Take the stick and mix the color into each other slowly, don’t mix it too much that all the colors become one color while mixing. Mix for just a couple of seconds.


Dip your nail in the water, the whole nail should be in the water, so that the marble pattern can transfer to the nail.


Let the Marble Nail Art dry, then peel off the tape and coat your nails with the transparent nail polish for the shiny finish. You can use the beads or pearls as well for enhancing the Marble nail art. You can use the nail polish remover if the nail polish is mistakenly applied on the skin near the nail.