Wearing only makeup can’t make you look stunning if the cosmetics are not properly blended like the foundation and concealer, so there is a need of makeup tools for enhancing the beauty. There are many types of brushes specifically designed for different purposes; here are 5 makeup brushes you must own:

  1. Brow brush:

You can look great without shaping and filling the eyebrows, so having a brow brush is mandatory to complete the makeup. Using an angled brow brush is better than the straight one because it works well in shaping, it can handle the thin ends as well.


  1. Fan brush:

It doesn’t fulfill a specific purpose; you must own it because it is a great tool useful in 3 ways.

  • Cleaning up the excess amount of powder on the face
  • Applying a layer of highlighter
  • Blending the makeup already applied on the facefan-brush
  1. Concealer brush:

This is not a brush to ignore if someone is coping with the scars or spots on the face because a concealer brush is something that hides all the issues that lowers the confidence level of a girl.


  1. Eyeliner brush:

There are many different styles of applying eyeliner that are in vogue, so there is a need of thin and straight eyeliner brush to apply the eyeliner in the shape as desired. It is a great choice for the girls who prefer to apply the pencil liner as it works great in blending the eyeliner into lash line for a clean look.


  1. Foundation brush:

Blending the foundation well is the key to look awesome, even when you are wearing a lot of makeup, so foundation brush is a brush you must own for an eye-catching look.