Some people with dark skin complexion think that they are not attractive which is not true because God has made everything and every human being perfect, but those who are not satisfied with their looks and want to get fair complexion in just 30 days are at the right place as here are a few remedies which can turn their dream into reality. All the remedies mentioned below are inexpensive and free from side effects as most of the ingredients used in them are natural.

Turmeric and gram flour remedy:


For preparing this effective remedy, you just require 2 tbsp of gram flour in which you need to add a half tbsp of turmeric and a half tbsp of mustard oil. Apply this mixture on the face daily and you will start getting great results in a few days, this mixture never leaves side effects as there is no any harmful ingredient in it.


Carrot and beetroot remedy:


It is another great remedy for those who want to get fair complexion, but don’t have time to apply any remedy and leave it for some time. For preparing this remedy, you require 2 carrots, 1 beetroot and half lemon. Get the juice of the carrot and beetroot, add lemon in it. You require consuming this drink after every 2 days for making the complexion fair.



This is the easiest remedy to make the complexion fair because it doesn’t require preparation; there is also no need to mix any other ingredient in it. You just have to take a lemon, cut into 2 pieces and squeeze it to apply on the face. This is side effects free remedy, so everyone can use it without any tension.