A few years back, contouring was only used for the face as it assists in making some changes to the actual shape of the face and the individuals who want to show their face slim use this technique. Then contouring was started using for the other parts of the body as well like for the neck, cleavage, abs and now there is a new trend of foot contouring for making them look slimmer. It assists in altering the appearance of the bone structure, so it is for those who are conscious about the appearance of every body part. Here is what you require for foot contouring and how it works:

Following products are required for the foot contouring:

  • Foundation
  • Brown colored contouring shade
  • Contouring brush
  • Beauty blender
  • Highlighter


First of all, you require applying the foundation using the beauty blender on the feet which matches your skin tone and to cover the marks or if the skin tone is not even.


The next step is to apply the chosen contouring shade on the sides of the feet and on each toe because the entire foot requires contouring to make the shape appear changed than the real shape.


The contouring shade needs to be well blended for the changed appearance; it cannot be denied that the difference between the feet without and with contouring is a little bit, but it can satisfy those who feel their foot shape weird and want to make them look slimmer. At the end, highlighter needs to be applied for the final look.