There is a new style of crystal Lip Art in vogue which gives an attention-grabbing look to a girl and makes her appear praiseworthy. Crystal Lip Art seems a difficult task, but it can be easily done at home as there is nothing special that is used for making the lips attractive and shiny. It is an Art that can be learned, so here is how it is done and what you will require for Crystal Lip Art:

  • Shiny lipstick
  • Lip gloss of same color as the lipstick for more shine
  • Gems or jewels


First of all, apply the lipstick and then apply the lip gloss on it for the shine. At the end, apply the gems or the jewels on the lips for the final appealing look.


You can do Crystal Lip art of any color you think will look best with your outfit and every color of crystal looks stunning. Here are a couple of ideas:


You can also go for Golden Crystal Lip Art as it doesn’t look weird and makes a girl look amazing.


Here is another method of Crystal Lip Art which is also not a difficult task to do at home.

  • Shiny lip gloss or lipstick (Any shade)
  • Jewel or glitter
  • Lipstick of the shade matching the color of jewels or glitter


First of all, you need to lining of the lips with the selected shade of lipstick. Then you require filling the center of the lips with the lipstick. At the end, put the gemstone or the glitter on the lips for the final look.