Eyes are one of the parts of the face, which require proper attention when applying makeup because improper mascara with the clumps looks weird and ruins the overall look. But what about trend, it is set to be followed and nothing looks weird when its trend. Here are a few simple steps through which you can follow the trend of spidery lashes by properly setting them; you will need the following things for spidery lashes:

  • Face powder
  • Mascara
  • Lash curler
  • Lash brush
  • Baby powder
  • Tweezers


The first step is curling the lashes, you must keep it mind that the lashes should be clean and there should be no mascara on them.


The second step is to brush them for separating them to avoid the knots.


Apply face powder on the lashes as it will help in making mascara prominent and more amount of mascara will stick on the lashes with powder on them.


Apply mascara on the lashes and then, apply the baby powder after the mascara gets dry, make sure the mascara is not wet otherwise it will not give a neat look. Mascara needs to be applied again after applying the powder, the procedure requires to be repeated on the lower lashes.


Using a tweezers, stick the lashes with each other for the spidery effect. If you feel that the lashes are looking a bit down; use the fingers to curl them up, but avoid making the mistake of using a lash curler at this step which can be harmful for the lashes with too much mascara on them.