Not only finding and buying the beauty products or cosmetic is enough for looking great; care for the beauty products is also mandatory because these are the things that assist you in looking great, so it is necessary to pay attention to them as well. Throwing away the beauty products is not the solution for the products that are no longer in their original condition, here are a few tricks that can make your beauty products last longer.

Saline solution:

Mascara is one of the beauty products that don’t last for a long  time as it starts drying after a girl uses it for a few times, but throwing it in the dustbin and buying a new one is not the solution. Adding a small amount of saline solution in the mascara is a great and the safest method of protecting it from drying.


Beauty blender:

It is not a product to ignore when mentioning the products which assist in making the beauty products last longer because it is used for several beauty products including the foundation, concealer and sunscreen. The best thing about the beauty blender is that it never absorbs anything for which it is used for applying; the product sits on its surface and only the amount which is enough to be applied is used.



It is a fact that no one thinks about the amount of the foundation or creams that comes in small bottles because they believe that it is impossible to get the paste out of the bottle, but it is possible with spatty or you can say a small spatula. It assists in using the foundation or the cream 2 or 3 times more when a person is thinking of throwing the bottle away with almost 25 percent of the paste sticking to its bottom.



If the lipstick color you are in love with is going to finish, don’t throw it away because it cannot be applied on lips anymore as you can start using it as blush on. Use your finger to take a small amount and apply it on cheekbones to enjoy the favorite color on cheeks.



If you have a low amount of foundation; but you need it badly, then here is a great trick that you can add a small amount of moisturizer in it which is not only a safe way of using it, but also provides benefits to the skin.