Dark circles make a person look weird and this issue is mostly faced by the girls, not only tiredness and fatigue are the reason of the dark circles around the eyes which are also called as “Panda eyes”. The dark circles are not permanent and can be cured at home as there is nothing serious about them to consult a doctor. Given below are some great tips to get rid of the dark circles by using the products available at home:

Milk cream works great in solving the issue of dark circles, it requires to be applied around the eyes after mixing with the castor oil which provides many benefits to the skin. Massage the mixture on the problem area for a few seconds; it will surely assist in solving the problem of panda eyes.


Take the jasmine flower and crush it, mix it with yogurt and apply the mixture around the eyes. Don’t wash the mixture prior to 10 minutes and don’t use hot water for washing the face.


Take one orange; squeeze the juice and add glycerin in it, apply the mixture to the problem area and there is no need to take tension of any side effect as there is nothing harmful in the ingredients.


Yogurt and other dairy products are helpful in solving the issue of panda eyes, so you should consume them in large amount, but their intake is not necessary as a mixture prepared by combining yogurt and corn flour serves great in getting rid of dark circles.


For those who don’t have time to prepare the remedies, here is a great solution as you can take the castor oil and massage it under the feet. There are pressure points of eyes under the feet, which assist in solving the problem of dark circles; you can repeat it daily for great results.