Winter season is coming soon and the females with the issue of dry skin are worried for the skin problems they will face as the skin becomes drier in cold weather. Makeup is something that no any girl ignores to wear, it is essential for the appealing look. There are cosmetics available which assists in protecting the skin and girls with dry skin can apply them without any tension, here are a few cosmetics to prefer when your skin is flaking off:

Any cosmetic applied on the dry skin accumulates in flakes and makes the dry patches more visible, so the first product that should not be ignored is a moisturizer.


Apply the nourishing primer prior to applying any cosmetic is a great idea as it assists in keeping the dryness away from the skin.


If you want a lighter coverage and don’t want to apply heavy foundation, then hydrating BB cream is the solution as it keeps the skin soft and covers the visible flakes.


Don’t apply powder eye shadow; prefer the cream-based eye shadow as it doesn’t allow dryness to affect the eyes.


Using cream blush on is better than using the powder blush on because the powder makes the skin drier and accumulates in the cracks, but the cream blush helps in covering the fact that the cheeks are dry.


Avoid using the powder highlighter when there are liquid highlighters available for making the look attractive.


Don’t use matte lipsticks because it makes the flakes on the lips visible, go for lip gloss or if you don’t like lip gloss, then you can apply lip balm prior to applying the matte lipstick.