Every woman requires changing the makeup habits and tricks as she grows older because the makeup tricks that makes a girl look stunning in her teenage can make her look older than her actual age after her teenage. Here are 5 makeup mistakes that needs focus to avoid looking older:

Not defining the eyebrows:

Most of the females don’t pay attention to defining the eyebrows due to which they look older than their actual age; it is a fact that eyebrows get thinner with time because the eyebrow hair stops growing due to plucking. So, there is a need of choosing the right shade to define the eyebrows and look stunning.


Applying powder in the end:

The powder highlights the lines in the skin, so it is better to avoid using it as the youthful skin reflects light and it prevents light reflection that is also a cause of looking older. If any woman cannot stop using it, then the solution to this issue is to change the powder to sheer translucent powder and just applying it to the nose and chin.


Applying lipstick of dark shade:

It is a fact that applying dark shades of lipstick makes a woman look older as a person loses the definition of the lips with the growing age and the dark matte lipstick makes them less highlighted, dark shade highlights the lines or wrinkles around the lips. So, it is better to choose light lipstick shades to look attractive and define the lips.


Applying metallic eye shadow:

Fine lines appear on the skin as a woman grows older, so nothing should be applied on the face, which highlights the lines and one of the things that should be avoided is applying the metallic eye shadow.


Applying liner on bottom of eyes:

Some women only apply the liner on the bottom of their eyes, which makes their face dull. Applying eye liner on the top of the eyes is mandatory to avoid looking older as it brightens up the face and it makes the eyes look bigger.