Every woman takes care of her body to look great, but there are some care tips that everyone is not aware of and neglecting some important things affect the skin or the other body parts negatively. So, here are 5 beauty secrets that everyone should know for avoiding the habits or products that don’t give positive results.



Some women believe that exfoliation is harmful to skin, but it is not the fact because it not only removes the dead skin cells, but also assists the lotions and other care products in absorbing properly to give the benefit.



Women prefer to wash hair daily especially those with oily hair problem, but it is not good for the scalp as washing hair everyday makes the scalp dry and more oils are produced by the scalp to compensate the loss of moisture.



It is a common belief that cleanser works perfect in cleaning the pores and it is true, but not all cleansers work well as there are some with the pores blocking ingredients that can affect the skin negatively and can irritate it. So, one should avoid using the cleansers that contain fragrances or detergents to keep the skin glowing and healthy.


Deep conditioning:

It is true that deep conditioning is great to solve the issue of dry hair, but it is useful if the roots are not touched. One should always begin applying the conditioner from the tips of the hair and then slowly move upward, but the roots should be left untouched because scalp produces natural oils to keep hair healthy and the natural system is damaged by applying the conditioner on the scalp or roots.


Retinoid (Vitamin A):

It is used by a large number of women as it offers many benefits to the skin; but only a few of them know the fact that retinoid increases the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so they should not be applied on the face on day time.