Smiles makes a person look beautiful, but in some cases it can make the individual look weird if the teeth are yellow or there are stains on them. Having yellow teeth lowers the confidence level of a person when he/she knows that his/her smile is not attractive, but it is not an issue to worry about when here are a few simple remedies that can assist in turning yellow teeth white.

Strawberry & baking soda remedy:


For preparing this remedy, you require 3 large-sized strawberries, half tsp of baking soda, which you can skip if you don’t want to add a quarter tsp of salt. Turn the strawberries into pulp, then mix all the ingredients and apply the mixture on the teeth after drying them. Brush teeth with this paste for at least 3 minutes and then wash the mouth.

Charcoal remedy:


Charcoal works well in turning the yellow teeth white for which just a capsule of activated charcoal is required. Teeth should be brushed with the toothpaste prior to brushing them with the charcoal, just open the capsule and place a small amount of charcoal on the brush, then brush them for minimum 3 minutes.

Apple cider vinegar remedy:


This method is great for the people who can’t manage time to prepare the remedies that contains more than 2 ingredients. Brushing teeth with apple cider vinegar not only assists in whitening the teeth; but also works great in removing the stains on the teeth for which a person requires using it for at least a month, but not every day. The teeth need to be brushed with the simple toothpaste as everyone does daily after brushing them with the apple cider vinegar, it should not be used by the people with the sensitivity issue.