Every girl loves wearing makeup to look stunning, but a few knows the tricks of wearing it to appear attractive. Here are a few makeup secrets that you will surely love to know.

Heating up the eyelash curler:

Curled eyelashes looks stunning, but how to do it safely? Turn on your hair dryer and direct its hot air on the eyelash curler for just 3 seconds, it will heat up the curler and use it to curl your eyelashes. A few females know this trick of curling the eyelashes in the safest way.


Application of vibrant color eye shadow:

Many girls who love to apply eye shadow of vibrant colors are not satisfied because the color doesn’t look as it really is, so what is the solution of this issue? Applying a cream-colored base coat prior to applying the eye shadow is not only the solution, but also a secret to get the actual color on the eyes which most of the makeup lovers don’t know.


Baby powder for lashes thickening:

Thick lashes are not just in vogue, but it also makes a person look attractive. But only a few girls know the secret of thickening the lashes for an eye-catching look, just baby powder and mascara are required which can make every girl appear beautiful. Apply baby powder on the lashes prior to applying mascara and repeat this method a few times to add thickness to the lashes.


Turning mascara as a new one:

Clumps of mascara are annoying for everyone, especially when someone requires applying it because of no time available to buy a new one. No need to worry because here is a secret to de-clump mascara for which you just need to add a few drops of Visine into the mascara bottle after which you can use it as it will work as a new one.


Business card for cat eye effect:

Those looking for a trick to create sharply defined eye lines when applying the eye shadow, using a business card is a great idea. Using it is a secret for those who don’t have enough control on their hands when applying eye shadow; they can create the cat eye effect by using a business card.