When it comes to parties and events, the idea to get ready in no time is stressing especially if you don’t know the makeup tricks and tips. Looking sexy and classy by wearing makeup is a technique that only some individuals have mastered, not everyone can do it. When we are here, then you don’t have any need to worry as for you we have the best tips, check them out:

Attractive Lip color:

If you have organized a Christmas party or going to it, never go for any other color instead of red. Red is the special Christmas color and it looks glamorous as well as classy. Applying red lipstick is not a piece of cake as if you don’t apply it properly; it can ruin the overall look of the person.

First, choose the right shade as red have these shades:

  • Scarlet
  • Cherry
  • Ruby
  • Crimson

The women with thin lips should never go for darker shades; the women with normal sized lips can go for any shade. First draw an outline and then fill it with a slightly lighter shade.


Christmas Lips:

If you are bored with the same old red lips that you do at every party, then it’s time to make a change as you can do different things on your lips using different colors. Apply red lipsticks and stick some beads over it, you can make a combo of red and white as well.


Smoky eyes, not this time:

For having a glamorous look on the eve of Christmas; smoky eyes are the perfect, but they are too mainstream so why not to do something different. Smoking eyes look more appealing than one can even explain, but this time go for some red and green on your eyes. Make a bow, Christmas hat or even a red line under the eyes can be enough to make you look stunning. Don’t forget to add a bit of glitter on the eyes to enjoy a happy Christmas.


Take out your eye shade kit:

Many people are wondering now about what’s next, so apart from dipping up yourself in the makeup, take out your kit and rather than applying shades on the eyes, making things related to Christmas on your face to impress others. Make a Christmas tree, Christmas lights or a Christmas hat and check out how people will admire you.


Hair styling is mandatory:

When it comes to the Christmas party on which you are invited or you are hosting; looking perfect is important and apart from the face, the other thing that counts a lot is the hair. The hairstyles that you can make for Christmas is a messy bun with Christmas balls tied on it, braids with red ribbons and you can also tie hair with red bows. If you are not so good at making your hairs, you can also get a tiara in red color.