Lipstick makes a woman look attractive, but it can also ruin the look if the lips are dry or chapped as the lipstick accumulates in the cracks on the lips and makes them look weird. As the winter season is on its way; so dry or chapped lips will be a common problem of most of the women, but there is no need to worry when here are some inexpensive and amazing solution of dry and chapped lips:

Treatment with eye cream:

With eye cream, you can treat the dry lips for which you just require a washcloth and a small amount of eye cream. Soak the washcloth with the warm water and massage the lips in circular motions with it until the dry flakes fall off the lips. Apply the eye cream and massage until it completely absorbs, then apply the lipstick which will look great as on normal lips.


Treatment with castor oil:

Castor oil offers multiple skin benefits and it is safe to be used on lips as well if they are chapped, just apply the castor oil on the lips and then apply petroleum jelly. You will get great results within 7 days; there is nothing in both products which is harmful for the lips.


Treatment with fresh milk cream:

No any treatment is better than a treatment which is done with the natural products like fresh milk cream, apply it on the dry or chapped lips 2 times in a day and you will get amazing results within 5 days.


Treatment with olive oil:

Olive oil is beneficial for skin and lips in many ways, there is no side effect of applying it directly on the lips and it heals the chapped lips within a few days.