There are many styles in which you can apply the eyeliner as every style enhances the beauty and makes a woman look appealing, given below are some eyeliner styles that will work perfect suiting the event:

For work party:


If you are going to a work party, then looking great is a must to look professional. Upgrading the normal look through makeup shows that you care for your looks and is not a person who is just serious about her job. You just require an angled brush and an eye shadow of dark color, wet the brush and draw a line above and below the lashes. There is a need to smudge the eye shadow for a neater look, so don’t forget to leave the eye shadow as it is.


For wedding party:

For wedding, every woman wants to dress up differently to look unique and makeup also plays an important role in making a female look fabulous. When it comes to the style of eyeliner, it should be attractive for which you can apply a thick line of black eyeliner in cat-eye style and then apply a thin line of metallic eye liner of any color over it.


For dinner party:

Women are invited to dinner parties and every woman wants to look attractive, but without wearing too much makeup because some of them feel uncomfortable wearing a lot of makeup every time they are invited. Lining above the lashes with gold or bronze eye pencil looks not only simple, but elegant. You can apply the pencil on lower lash line and it is optional.


For Halloween party:

As Halloween is on its way, so almost every woman will attend a Halloween party for which they look for innovative styles to apply eyeliner for unique look according to the event. Here are a few styles which will look great when applied for a Halloween party.