Makeup is the only thing that can boost your self-confidence in a few minutes; but there are some ways of wearing it and if the makeup is done in a wrong way, then it can spoil your looks as well as personality. If you don’t want to look older by wearing makeup, then here are some makeup mistakes you should never do.


To create a perfect matte effect, we try hard but sometime we apply too much concealer that it ends looking like a paint. The other thing that can make it look even more unattractive is choosing the wrong shade, never apply too thick layer as it highlights the wrinkles and pimples.



If you want a perfect winged liner for your eyes, stretch out a little with a lot of care. While applying the eyeliner, always make sure that it suits you and stretch out a little from where your eye ends. Don’t apply too thick layer and always make sure that the winged shape is a bit long from the eye.


Blush on:

Wearing too much blush on can ruin your look, a nice rosy touch on the cheeks is enough. Some women make the mistake of applying it on the nose and forehead as well, which should be avoided. Here is how to do it:



One thing that you should never forget is to apply a little bit of foundation on the lips as well, then make an outline with a bit darker shade and apply the lighter on the inside. Use the same colors with just a combo of light and dark to make the lips appealing.



The foundation is another important part of the makeup; always make sure that your foundation is perfect. One must not apply foundation with fingers, use sponges or brush as it gives the best effect and blend it properly.