Taking care of every part of the body is necessary to look perfect and dark underarms makes a girl feel bad who loves to wear sleeveless dresses, but it is not an issue to worry about because there are a few simple tricks through which you can lighten the dark underarms.

Sandalwood remedy:

There is no need to use the harmful creams to lighten the underarms when you can do it with natural products, just mix 3 ingredients and make an outstanding paste. In a bowl, take a small amount of sandalwood paste, one tsp or lemon juice and cucumber juice to make a paste and apply it on the target area. Leave the paste until it dries completely; wash it and you will feel your skin softer, with the use of this remedy you will get the desired results within 10 days.


Natural scrub remedy:

You can make a natural scrub at home for your underarms; you just require an equal amount of walnuts and peanuts, make a powder of them by grinding them. To make a paste, take two tbsp of ground powder in a bowl and add one tsp of honey as well as lemon in it. Apply the paste on the target area and you require leaving the paste on the area from minimum 10 minutes, you need to repeat this process thrice a week for outstanding results.


Turmeric remedy:

Make a paste mixing the gram flour and a small amount of turmeric powder which is great for skin, you also require mixing a small amount of curd in it as it copes with the discoloration.


Lemon remedy:

If you don’t get enough time to prepare the mixture, you can get good results by just rubbing a slice of lemon over the target area which is an inexpensive and time-saving method of lighten the dark underarms.