Hair enhances the personality of a person, so much hair fall can make a person look worse, especially when it is the problem women as hair make them look appealing on parties and occasions when they dress up and make attractive hair styles. So; if you are worried due to the hair loss issue, then here are top 5 remedies that can assist you in making your hair strong and solving the issue of hair loss.


Shana seeds remedy:

Shana seeds are great in solving the hair loss problem when combined with the coconut oil, take the shana seeds and grind them to make powder. Mix two tbsp of shana seeds with one tbsp of coconut oil; massage the mixture on the scalp to absorb it in the roots. Leave the paste on the scalp for minimum 10 to 15 minutes and wash the hair.


Gooseberry remedy:

For preparing an effective paste for the hair with the gooseberry, you just require a few gooseberries and 1 tsp of lemon juice. First of all, cut the gooseberry from center and discard the seeds because you need the pulp only and you cannot grind the gooseberries with the seeds present in it. After preparing the pulp by grinding, add the lemon juice in it and massage the mixture on the scalp. Let the mixture on the scalp for minimum 1 hour and then wash the hair, you will also see shine in the hair as gooseberry makes hair look beautiful as well.


Beetroot remedy:

Take a few beetroot leaves and boil them in water to make a paste, apply it on the scalp and leave it for minimum half an hour for great results. You need to repeat this method 2 times in 7 days to get results fast; it will not only solve the problem of hair loss, but also makes them healthier.


Cinnamon remedy:

It is a great remedy for hair loss in which all the ingredients are simple, you just need to mix olive oil, honey and cinnamon to make a paste for applying to the scalp. It is not only good for making the hair shiny, but also for getting rid of the hair loss issue.