Some girls are so lazy that they can’t even brush their hair, so for those types of girls making these simple hairstyles are the best whenever it comes to leaving the house or going in a party.

Twisty bun with a braid:

The easiest hairstyle that you can make in just 2 minutes is the simple twisty bun, you can make it so easily and you can even make it up for casual functions. If you have a party at your home, but you can’t manage your hair, then going for it is the best option. Take a little portion of your hair and make a braid of it, then tie all your hair in a bun and tie the braid around the bun that’s it.


Modern messy bun

Messy buns can even be made for weddings now, no matter what the length of your hair is making a hair bun is super fun as it looks cool and is simple to make as well. Here in the image, how to make a modern messy bun is shown.


The twist and Pin

You are not fond of making hairstyles? So try this simple hairstyle as all you have to do is make a twist and pin it beside the ear. You can also make a twist from right to left and pin the hair at the back.


Classy pony

As I have already said before that the length of the hair does not matter, all you have to do is manage them in the right way. Classy pony is simple as well as a stylish looking hairstyle, you can make it with a braid on the front, with a little bit of back combing, with a flick and many other ideas can be applied to make it attractive.


Knotted side braid

Knotted side braid is quite easy to make, it is same like the general braid. In normal braid, we take the hair into three parts and in this we take in into four, which makes it look gorgeously amazing.