Dandruff not only annoys the person, but also embarrasses an individual as it falls from the head on the shoulders. It ruins the personality because it looks bad and a person with the dandruff issue don’t feel confident, this problem can be solved by the homemade shampoos and given below are 10 best and natural remedies for dandruff.

 Fenugreek remedy:

Best and natural remedies for dandruff

Fenugreek is not only great for the health, but also for the hair as it provides many benefits to the hair other than increasing their growth. For the preparation of the outstanding fenugreek remedy, you will require 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds and 1 glass of water. Take a glass of water and put the seeds in it for almost 12 hours, grind the mixture to make a paste and apply it on the scalp for minimum half an hour. Don’t use too much shampoo for washing the paste away.

Neem leaves remedy:

It is the best product to cure the itching problem and it also helps in stopping the growth of fungus that is one of the main causes of dandruff. You will need one bowl full of neem leaves and 5 glasses of hot water, put the leaves in the water and leave for almost 12 hours. Make the paste of the wet leaves and apply it on the scalp, leave it there for nearly an hour for great results.

Aloe Vera gel remedy:

how to remove dandruff quickly

Aloe Vera gel is something that provides multiple benefits; it not only works well for the burns, but also for solving the problem of dandruff due to which it is added in the list of natural remedies showing how to remove dandruff quickly. It is one of the best methods to get rid of the dandruff because only one thing is required for this remedy which is Aloe Vera, just cut a piece of Aloe Vera and take out the gel for applying on the scalp. Leave the gel on the problem for minimum 15 minutes and then wash the hair for good results.

Orange Peel remedy:

Besides offering numerous health benefits, orange peel also works well when used for the dandruff treatment. Use a blender for making a paste of orange peels; add a few drops of lemon juice in it and apply the mixture on the scalp for minimum 25 minutes and wash the mixture away with the shampoo.

Reetha remedy:

any natural remedy for dandruff?

Nothing can be compared to reetha when it comes to the hair care because it not only makes the hair shiny and healthy, but also helps in coping with the dandruff. So, when it’s the matter of dandruff, individuals should never ignore the reetha full of benefits. For getting the advantages offered by the reetha remedy, you just need 10 or 12 soap nuts, a small amount of amla powder along with 2 and a half cup of water. Take a bowl and soak the reetha in water for the whole night, use a grinder to grind the reetha and boil it. Then pour the amla powder in it and water can be added to the mixture if required to make a paste, apply it to the scalp for minimum half an hour.

Lemon remedy:

Lemon is a great thing which not only provides benefits to the skin, but also to the scalp in making it dandruff free for which just 2 lemons are enough. Squeeze a lemon to take out the juice and apply it on the scalp, massage is necessary to absorb the lemon juice in the scalp for solving the dandruff issue. Squeeze another lemon to take out just 1 tsp of juice for mixing it in the water with which you need to wash the scalp, lemon is also the answer of what is the best cure for occasional dandruff.

Multani Mitti remedy:


Multani mitti when used for the face; it provides great results and when it comes to the hair treatment, the benefits can be enjoyed which includes getting rid of the dandruff due to which it is added in this list of 10 best and natural remedies for dandruff. You just need multani mitti, a few drops of lemon juice and almost 3 to 4 tablespoons of water to make a thick mixture. Apply the paste on the scalp for minimum 15 minutes and you will not only get rid of dandruff, but also get shiny hair.

Garlic remedy:

Garlic smells bad and most of the individuals don’t get the benefits it offers just because of the bad smell it leaves for many days. For getting rid of the dandruff, crush a few pieces of garlic and rub it on the scalp to absorb the benefits. Combing a small amount of honey in it will not allow it to leave the smell; this is an effective means of getting rid of the annoying dandruff that can be the reason of embarrassment.

Beetroot remedy:


Like the other health benefits, neem is also great for the scalp and it keeps in safe from many issues including the cause of dandruff. For the preparation of the effective neem remedy, you will need a quarter cup of neem juice, along with the coconut milk and beetroot juice. To make the mixture think and easily absorbable, you need to add a few drops of coconut oil in it. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and apply on the scalp, wait for 20 minutes for the mixture to do its work and use herbal shampoo for washing the mixture away.

Salt remedy:

Salt is a good thing for the itchy skin and it is the answer to the question, is there any natural remedy for dandruff? You just need rubbing it on the problem area; but don’t start rubbing the scalp when it is totally dry, the massage should be done for minimum 2 minutes and then the hair should be washed like you do in the regular routine.

Dandruff is not only irritating, but also become the reason of hair loss if not treated on time, there is no need to use harmful products when it can be treated at home. The 10 best and natural remedies for dandruff mentioned above are great in the treatment of the dandruff and keeping the hair safe as well.