One can never underestimate the power of eyebrows; for some it is the most unimportant part of the face, but those individuals are actually wrong. If your eyebrows are perfect you can gain a lot of attention, but if they are not on point people may refer you as ugly. Plucking perfect eyebrows to achieve a flawless face is not an easy thing and the process of plucking the eyebrows is painful as well. But since the trend of too thin eyebrows has gone out and thicker eyebrows are in style now, so you don’t have to spend too much time with the tweezers. To get the perfect eyebrows stay at home instead of rushing to the parlor, given below are the best eyebrow plucking and shaping tips for you:

For how to shape your eyebrow yourself, having the right tweezers is a must:

Choose the tweezers that do not pinch your skin along with the hair and always make sure that the tweezers you are using is not taking too much in pulling the hair off.

eyebrow plucking and shaping tips

Eyebrow mistakes you don’t know you are making, people usually thought that when the skin temperature is cold they feel less pain, but that’s wrong as one should always pluck the hair after taking bath and especially if you have done it with the warm water because it opens the follicles and softens the hair as well which helps in pulling the hair easily. Another common mistake that people usually make is that they think that there is nothing that can ease the pain of plucking but that’s not true as you can use the teeth numbing medicine on your skin right before you pluck, so that you will feel less pain.

how to shape your eyebrow yourself

Here are some more Eyebrow plucking and shaping tips for you:

  • If you are going to pluck your eyebrows by yourself, then always make sure that the room in which you are doing this task have enough light and your mirror is also a good one that show you things more clearly.

how to shape your eyebrow with pencil

  • One should always know about the arch limits, you can also make a boundary by the eye pencil; so that you can pluck the hair exactly making the perfect shape you want. Make sure that you pluck them in the right way as if the arch is too high, the eyebrows look unnatural and your face will give an unattractive look.


  • Create your shape with an eye pencil and keep removing the fallen hair as well as they do not let you see the exact shape.


  • If you suffer too much inflammation after plucking the hair, then right after plucking use a little bit of moisturizing lotion on the affected area.


  • Brush up your eyebrows and fill them to check out if you have got the required shape that you desired, if not then remove more hair that you think is unnecessary.


  • If you think that you have over plucked the hair, then forget plucking for at least three weeks to let the eyebrows gain their natural shape and pattern back again, when  it’s done; then pluck them. If your growth is too slow, then it’s recommended to use serum on the eyebrows for the fast growth.


The other common thing that people don’t know is how to shape your eyebrow with pencil. As there are so many different brow-filling options available, most of the people don’t know that which will work best for them? Here are some pointers that can help you decide which one will work best for you.

  • Brow Powders:

Eyebrow powders that go with the color of your eyebrow hair are the best option for softly filling in your eyebrows. Choose a matte powder and use a wedge brush to apply it, you can also go for a thin liner brush. Use short, light strokes between the brow hairs and if you want stronger color, then you have to apply it with a bit more pressure especially when it comes to defining the underside of the brow.


  • Eyebrow pencils:

The eyebrow pencils offer the most precision, but they are usually too much greasy; most of the times they produce a hard look. A pencil with a smooth and a light texture that is soft in use and is dry in its nature can produce defined yet natural-looking results. For filling the empty areas, you can use a swift feather like strokes.


  • Brow gel:

If you are using a good brow gel, then you can make your eyebrows appear fuller and naturally defined, it requires a lot of practice and professionalism to figure out that how much product you need. But once you try it, you would get to know that eyebrow gels are incredibly easy to work with.


  • Apply Brow creams with maximum care:

Some people love this filling for their eyebrows and they think that these are ideal for plucking the wild brow hair while filling them in at the same time. Applying this requires a lot of care as they can go on heavy if you do not apply them by paying attention, for easy and best application use angled brush.

For having a perfect look and great eyebrows, one should never have sharpie Brows as they make you look overage. They can even turn an innocent face into an evil one, you cannot even imagine how much important the eyebrows and their shape is. Sharpie brows are not cute and they do not suit on anyone, no matter what your face cuts are. You can use powders and gels on the eyebrows, but apart from that being natural is also fine, if you want to have the best and an attractive look then you can achieve it by avoiding being heavy-handed with the pencil.

The above mentioned are the best eyebrow plucking and shaping tips which are helpful in making an individual appear attractive.