Makeup is something that every girl wears to enhance the looks, but only a few individuals know the fact that a proper makeup application makes all the difference. There are some techniques for applying the cosmetics, which not everyone is aware about. Most of the girls just know that they have to wear makeup to enhance the appearance and to give eye-catching looks, but they don’t bother to know the techniques through which they can properly apply the makeup. Here are the techniques through which you can apply the cosmetics in the perfect way:

Applying lipstick to stay longer and look perfect:

As the winter season is coming, most of the girls will have to cope with the dry lips issue which makes them look bad when lipstick is applied. But applying lip gloss or lip balm prior to applying the lipstick of your favorite color is the secret to make it look perfect and smooth. After applying a thin layer of balm, apply foundation or concealer on the lips as they will not allow the color to change when applied to the lips. It is the common issue that girls feel the lipstick shade doesn’t look same after applying, so applying foundation to the lips before applying lipstick is the solution of the problem faced by most of the girls.

proper makeup application makes all the difference


Take the lip liner and mark X on the upper lip center and small lines on both sides to set a boundary of the lips, mark half line in the middle of the lower lip. Then start applying the liner by joining the X with the small lines of the upper lip ending at the edge of the lip. Do same on the lower lip and don’t ignore to stay in the natural boundaries of the lips otherwise the lipstick will ruin the look of overall makeup and face.

how to put makeup on like a model


Now it’s time to fill the empty space of the lips, take the lipstick that you want to apply and fill the lips. The type of lipstick either matte or glossy is up to you. If you feel that using a lipstick to fill the lips will cross the boundary, then using a lipstick brush to apply lipstick in the center is the best idea. To highlight the shape of the lips, use an angled brush to apply concealer outside the boundary of the lips as it will not only highlight, but gives a neat look which is the answer to the question how to put makeup on like a model because everything especially lipstick is applied with special care to the models.

how to apply makeup like a professional step by step


Applying the right shade of blush-on with the right technique:

There is a misconception that applying blush-on with the same technique on every face is right and one can go for any shade for any complexion because the shape of the face matters and the complexion too. One cannot apply a pink shade on a dark complexion; it never helps in enhancing the beauty, but ruins the natural beauty as well. So, a person should keep this in mind while choosing a shade and the shape of the face should also be focused.



Begin with finding the cheekbone and if you succeed in finding it, then you will surely succeed in applying the blush-on perfectly. Take the brush and start rolling its stick on the cheek until you find the hollow space under the cheekbone, which is the area you are looking for. Apply the base of a bit darker shade on the hollow space, after which you need to apply the blush-on.  Smile to make the apple of your cheeks clear, now put a little blush on the brush and apply it on the apple of your cheeks from where you need to start for applying it perfectly and it needs to be applied parallel to the center of the eye. If you are wearing makeup for regular outing, then the blush-on part is done. But if you are going to attend a party, then you can apply shimmer on the blush-on which you will need to blend properly for a neat look. Try this technique of applying the blush and you will see yourself that the proper makeup application makes all the difference.



Many girls ask the question how to apply makeup like a professional step by step and the above mentioned tips for the application of lipstick and blush-on is the answer, every cosmetic requires special care when applying and there are specific technique of applying every product included in makeup according to the facial structure and the skin tone. Not like other cosmetics, eyeliner is a makeup product which doesn’t have a specific style as it can be applied in different styles according to the requirement of making eyes look bigger or making them look sharp. There are many styles from which a girl is free to choose, but there are comes the shape of the eyes which need to be focused otherwise the eyeliner can make the eyes look weird instead of making them look attractive.

The application of the makeup is the main thing which requires attention otherwise the wrong application can make a girl look older than her actual age; the neat look of the face also requires attention to the details of every cosmetic application. Learning the techniques of applying every makeup product perfectly as it should be applied makes a girl aware of the fact that proper makeup application makes all the difference. Everyone can wear makeup at home for which there should be a few important things in a makeup box and there is no need to rush to the parlor just for getting ready for a party, you can apply makeup neatly by using the technique of applying lipstick and blush-on as elaborated above. The other makeup products, especially the selection of the right foundation colors also matters a lot, but everyone requires mastering the application technique of the cosmetics in order to look appealing by wearing it instead of giving weird looks.